Enrolment at Mount Torrens Christian School is invited for students from families that share the vision of a Christian education, where Christian values are embraced and a biblical worldview perspective is promoted. For such students, Mount Torrens Christian School seeks to provide a supportive learning environment, where each student can flourish in their personal development, their academic achievement and in their spiritual growth.

The enrolment process at Mount Torrens Christian School involves two stages:

Parents are encouraged to download the information PDF’s below or to make contact with the school to arrange a tour and to meet the Principal. The PDF’s are available below or as a hard copy from the school office and provides all the information required to make an application. Should you decide to proceed with the enrolment application, the enrolment forms included in the pack can be submitted to the school office in person, by post or by email.

In the second stage of the enrolment process, the application will be reviewed by the school, the prospective student and their parents attending a formal interview. Following the acceptance of the application by the school, a school commencement date will be indicated by the Principal.